Wasp Control 101: What Every Frisco Homeowner Needs To Know

April 9, 2020

You learn something new every day, right? Perhaps today’s revelation will be that there is no single animal called a “wasp.” This term actually refers to hornets, yellow jackets, and many other varieties of stinging insects we encounter in our daily lives. No matter what kind of flying menace you’re talking about, you don’t want them nesting in your yard or around your home....

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an aggressive wasp exploring a frisco pool noodle durring the hot sunny days of summer

Wasp Prevention Tips Every Frisco Homeowner Should Know

July 11, 2019

As this process of feeding the queen progresses, wasps can get more aggressive. They focus on the work required to perpetuate their species, and may become aggressive toward anything they see as a threat. If you accidentally encounter these wasps, they may see you as a menace and decide to attack. Wasps stings are, at the very least, uncomfortable....

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a black and yellow wasp balancing along the rim of a water glass on a lewisville property

How To Take The Sting Out Of Spring In Lewisville

May 9, 2019

Many of us have been waiting for spring to arrive and now that it is here, Lewisville residents are eager to leave their homes and begin experiencing the fun and sunshine of another Texas summer. Not so surprisingly, many spring and summer pests are also on the rise as they wake up from their winter slumber to enjoy the higher temperatures....

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