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Brief overview of wasps found in Northern Texas

Though humans and other animals often fear wasps, these stinging insects play an important role in the North Texas ecosystem as pollinators of crops and flowers. They also prey on and reduce the number of nuisance insects.

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Wasps are usually categorized as social or solitary: social wasps can live together in nests that contain thousands of members, while solitary wasps live on their own. There are over 30,000 species of identified wasps, but only a few of these are found in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex including:

Social Wasps

  • Bald Faced Hornets
  • Paper Wasps
  • Yellow Jackets

Solitary Wasps

  • Cicada Killers
  • Cricket Hunters
  • Mud Daubers

What do common Texas wasps and their nests look like?

Species of wasp are numerous and vary in size, color, and behavior.   

Bald Faced Hornets

One of the most aggressive species of wasp, they have broad, mostly black bodies with pale yellow markings on their face. These pests are often confused with their Texas yellow jacket relative. They build paper nests which are most often pear-shaped and suspended above the ground with one opening at the bottom. As their nests grow, they can reach up to three feet in size.  As a result of their aggressive behavior, if you suspect a nest in or around your home, it's best to call a professional to ensure its safe and complete wasp nest removal.

Paper Wasps

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Are wasps dangerous?

The short answer is yes. Wasps are aggressive (especially yellow jackets and bald faced hornets) and will not hesitate to defend themselves or their nest by stinging their perceived threat. Wasps have a smooth stinger which means that they can sting their victims multiple times. A sting from a wasp is painful and leaves behind a raised, red lump that will often last for a week or more. Also, the venom that they inject is powerful enough to cause a severe allergic reaction in people that may require immediate medical attention.

What are the most common wasp nests found in North Texas?

Depending on the species of wasp, you can find their nests in different locations in your home or on your property. Social wasps prove to be the most threatening in homes, though solitary wasps can pose problems as well. If you notice wasps flying in or around your home, it's best to call a professional to investigate the area for a nest. Wasp nests can be found above the ground, in the hollows of walls or trees, or underground.

Nests found above the ground in North Texas most likely belong to the paper wasp. However, if larger in size, they may belong to the bald faced hornets. Both these species hang their nests from trees, shrubs, telephone poles, roof soffits, door frames, and underneath decks and porches. In order to create their nests, paper wasps and bald faced hornets chew on wood or other cellulose materials and mix it with their saliva making a paper-like material.

Like paper wasps and bald faced hornets, yellow jackets create their nest using a mixture of chewed-up cellulose and saliva. However, yellow jackets create their nest in the ground or inside fallen trees or rotten logs. If the opportunity presents itself, they may place their nest inside a home or other building; yellow jacket nests are often found inside attics, chimneys, wall voids, or crawl spaces.

The solitary species of wasps may build their nests in similar locations as a social species, and if you notice them flying in or around your home, it is best to contact a professional to investigate their source. Wasps flying in your home may be indicative of a larger nest hidden in the walls, chimney, or attic.

How do I get rid of wasps?

Getting rid of stinging insects and removing wasp nests is a task best left to professionals who have the knowledge and equipment needed for the job. At Adams Exterminating, we offer relief for wasp problems. Furthermore, we include wasp control (up to 15 feet off the ground) in our residential pest control programs. If you’re looking for one-time wasp removal for your home or business, we can help with that too. We conduct wasp removal in Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex as well as surrounding towns and cities in North Texas. Contact us today to discuss our stinging insect treatment and removal treatment options.

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