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How To Get The Rats Out Of Your Dallas Home!

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As members of the order Rodentia, rodents are types of mammals found throughout most of the world. Some types of rodents, particularly mice and rats, are commonly referred to as “commensal” rodents because they often live in proximity to humans, which allows for access to food and shelter. In this region, the three most prevalent types of rats include Norway rats (brown rats), roof rats (black rats), and wood rats.

Which of the home rat control products are the most effective? Local retailers promote a variety of do-it-yourself home rat control options, such as baiting stations, snap traps, and sticky traps. In far too many cases, those who try taking matters into their own hands find that these store-bought products are ineffective. The best course of action involves contacting a professional provider of rat control in Dallas for safe and efficient solutions. Adams Exterminating has the expert touch when it comes to rat control. 

Do I Have A Rat Infestation?

What are some of the most common signs of rats in the house? In many cases, homeowners will hear rats at night when the home is otherwise silent as these creatures rummage through walls, crawl spaces, or attics. Rats will also commonly ravage packages of dried foods in pantries and cupboards.

The Damage And Dangers Rats Can Create

Why is it important for me to contact a professional rat pest control company for assistance with these pests? Rats are potentially harmful creatures that are associated with health risks such as leptospirosis, rat-bite fever, tularemia, and others. Rats may also introduce harmful parasites to your home.

Rodent Prevention Tips: How to Keep Your Property Rodent-Free

Are you wondering how to prevent rats from invading your home?

The Dallas homeowners who achieve the best results in preventing rats and other types of rodents from invading their homes usually adopt a comprehensive, multi-faceted strategy. The preventative measures typically involve limiting attractants, adopting excellent cleaning habits, regularly performing property maintenance tasks, and using exclusionary methods that effectively prevent indoor entry. Some of the best practices include:

  • Limiting the presence of attractants around the home’s exterior, such as bird feeders, dog waste, pet food bowls, and fallen fruit
  • Preventing pools of standing water by removing planters or kiddie pools, filling in ground holes, and keeping gutter systems clear
  • Repairing exterior openings by sealing cracks around the foundation, replacing damaged shingles, and fixing torn window screens
  • Keeping bags of trash containing discarded food inside durable, sealed garbage receptacles
  • Maintaining cleanliness in kitchen areas by sweeping the floors, wiping down countertops, and limiting the presence of dirty dishes

While these tips are viable options for prevention, they are not foolproof; therefore, homeowners in Dallas who are experiencing a rodent intrusion should immediately seek help from the pros. Established pest control companies know how to get rid of rat infestations quickly and understand what keeps rats away from the property.

Professional Rat Control: The Most Effective Elimination Solution

Are you struggling to determine the best way to get rid of rats fast? Based on the potential health risks and the likelihood of costly property damage, property owners in Dallas should contact a rodent control company.

Did you know that Adams Exterminating is a fourth-generation provider of pest control solutions in the greater Dallas area? Our seasoned team of service professionals will efficiently handle rat removal for local homeowners. We also are available to assist you with termites, mosquitoes, spiders, and other troublesome creatures.

Many of our residential clients enjoy remaining free of pests all year long by using our ongoing property protection plans. We offer three service options which include our Perimeter plan, the Home Guardian plan, and the Home Guardian+ plan. For further information, contact our office today.

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