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Pests That Hide in Christmas Decoration

December 5, 2017

family decorating the christmas tree

Unpacking the Christmas decorations is an excuse to take a trip down memory lane. For many people, every ornament or festive decoration you take out of the box can trigger a memory from holidays you’ve shared with friends and family. Bringing in the Christmas tree or putting up wreaths can set the mood for the holiday season. Unfortunately, your good times can come to an unexpected halt i... Read More

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Silverfish Prevention Tips That Work

November 28, 2017

silverfish on floor

Silverfish aren’t just the annoying critters that hide in stone blocks in Minecraft. In fact, the silverfish that you might find in your home or business don’t look anything like those, since the game portrays them as something resembling an actual fish. The critters that you will find in your basements, garages, and sheds are more like an elongated beetle with a bunch of antennae p... Read More

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How Do Ants Find Their Way Into My Home?

June 6, 2017

carpenter ants crawling on water damaged wood

Ants can be a real mystery for those who don't study the volume of information that has been collected by entomologists and experts in the field of pest management regarding these resilient and resourceful insects, but they really shouldn't be. It isn't a magic trick how ants find their way into our homes. The simple answer is: Your home isn't as sealed as you think it is. Ants are able to craw... Read More

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