termite swarmers landing in water

What It Means If You Spot Termite Swarmers Around Frisco

March 6, 2020

Termites may be small, but when they work together, they cause huge problems. These insects love to chip away at wood, which means they can destroy homes, furniture and other structures. Though they're most active in spring and summer, these pests are a nuisance all year long. The most common species of termite to invade your Frisco home is the subterranean termite....

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termites on a tree

Protect Your Denton Home From Termites Before It's Too Late

June 13, 2019

While other pests can make you sick and cause you to go to the hospital, or worse, termites present a different kind of threat; they can destroy your home and create a serious financial hardship. If you've spent your whole life building savings for retirement, the last thing you want is for these wood-destroying insects to be in your home....

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termites eating wood

What Happens To North Texas Termites In The Winter?

January 11, 2019

Even in colder climates, termites often remain active during the winter months. It is important to know that, in a warmer climate such as Lewisville, Texas, it is definitely warm enough for them to remain active all year long. Termites find warmth by building their colonies deep within the soil where it is warmer. Oftentimes they find themselves inside a warm home by accident as they forage for food for their colonies.  ...

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