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Swarming Season For Termites In Texas

July 11, 2018

termites up close

Summer is here, and that means termite season is in full bloom! Unfortunately, due to the warm climate in Texas, the termite swarming season can start earlier and last longer here than in other parts of the country. It’s important to stay vigilant and look for signs of termite swarming around your property in order to avoid being invaded. ... Read More

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Top Five Places To Find Termite Damage

May 16, 2018

termite up close near denton home

Termites are known for being silent destroyers of wood. They can easily hide inside the wood that they are eating, and avoid detection for long periods of time. That is why it is so important to either prevent termites in the first place or know the signs to find them quickly so that you can get professional help right away. You can avoid further damage and complications by being vigilant in lo... Read More

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Termites: The Never-Ending Battle

December 19, 2017

home with termite mud tubes

Living in Texas means rarely—or never—having to endure freezing cold temperatures and heavy snowstorms. While the continuous warm weather and sunny days are considered a benefit of living in Texas, many homeowners don’t realize how it can also be a negative, as well. Some pest pressures come and go with the seasons, but because of the continual Texas climate, termites continue... Read More

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Don't Forget About Termites!

October 5, 2017

termite technician showing homeowner area of concern

It’s time for fall! A Texan fall brings new growth and bright colors, but the heat remains…and so do termite infestations. While termite infestations occur in the springtime, they can be active throughout the year. This is particularly true in warm climates, such as Texas, because without cold weather the termites do not die off. This means that termites are not just a seasonal iss... Read More

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