termites damaging the wooden structure on a frisco texas property

Why Frisco Residents Turn To Sentricon® For Termite Protection

April 10, 2019

Termites are a major problem here in America and finding solutions to keep them off your property is not always easy. This is why Adams Exterminating Company uses Sentricon, a trusted and reliable solution which deals with existing and future termite threats alike. Is your home in need of a little extra protection?...

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termites eating wood in a yard

Termite Swarming Season is Coming To Lewisville - Are You Prepared?

February 21, 2019

Termites cause billions of dollars worth of damage in the United States each year. One of the biggest reasons termites do all of this damage is that they are capable of remaining unnoticed for a long period of time. Since their nests are underground and their activity is within the wooden structures of homes, it’s common for homeowners to be unaware of their existence. ...

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termites in water damaged wood

Protect Your Business From Termites

August 18, 2017

Rodents, cockroaches, ants, and spiders; are all pests that most business owners are hyperaware of and work tirelessly to stop from entering into their commercial facility. And all for good reason, because spotting of one of the above pests or any other pest by a customer can really affect a business’s bottom line and reputation; just one customer seeing a single pest or evidence of pest issues in a commercial facility can quickly give i...

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