silverfih on a paper book

How Dangerous Are Silverfish In Lewisville?

September 22, 2020

If a Lewisville resident reaches out to a pest control company, they probably have an issue with ants, roaches, or rodents. Folks don’t panic about silverfish. They may not sting, bite, or spread germs and illnesses, but they can mess up your things....

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a shiny silverfish crawling along the wrinkled pages of a lewisville residents book

Is My Lewisville Home At Risk For Silverfish?

May 23, 2019

What Attracts Silverfish? Here in Lewisville, one of the strangest pests we have to deal with are silverfish. These silver, tear-shaped insects are not a danger to humans, even though they may be frightening to some due to their swift movements and weirdly shaped bodies. The real threat they pose to your property is the nuisance of their presence and the small amounts of damage they may cause to some of the items within your home....

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