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rat eating outside

What To Do About Rats On Your McKinney Property

July 27, 2021

Having rats on your property can drive you crazy. These rodents are more clever than we give them credit for and can continue to cause problems despite your best efforts to eliminate them. Not to mention, rats are incredibly destructive and known to spread disease. If you’ve got rat problems, this is what to do about rats on your McKinney property. ...

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roof rat in a garage

Plano Homeowners' Handy Guide To Roof Rat Control

January 14, 2021

Roof rats and humans have coexisted with each other for many millennia. These pests have remained a loyal problem for homeowners in every century, bringing the threat of home damage and disease wherever they run. No matter how elaborate or well-designed our homes, roof rats can always get in. Roof rats continue to impact how humans live their lives, including right here in Plano, TX. If you aren’t vigilant, a roof rat problem in your Pla...

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