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How to Keep Your Denton Home Pest-Free in Spring

March 13, 2019

pest control technician standing in front of denton home after treating property for spring pests

Spring is a wonderful time of year. Warmer temperatures and blooming flowers make you want to spend every spare minute outdoors enjoying nature. If you haven’t taken steps to prevent springtime pests, however, you may find that spending time in your yard is rather unpleasant. Here’s how to keep your Denton home pest free this spring.... Read More

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Are Centipedes Dangerous?

July 14, 2017

centipede up close

Centipedes are arthropods with lots of legs, although most do not have 100 legs despite the name "centipede" literally meaning "100-footed". When you think of creepy-crawly bugs, you probably think of pests like the centipede. They're elongated and flat, with segmented bodies and legs coming out of each body segment. Centipedes range in length from 4 to 152 mm. They can be many different colors... Read More

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