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Guide To Keeping Food Storage In Frisco Safe From Pests

September 12, 2019

As summer comes to an end, we head into a season of baking. Holidays provide many opportunities for creating sweet treats such as cake, cookies, brownies and more. So this is the perfect time of year to talk about stored product pests, also referred to as pantry pests. Here is a quick guide to help you keep your food-storage areas safe from this type of pest....

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a grey black and brown tinted indian meal moth crawling along the shelving in a food pantry inside of a frisco kitchen

How to Prevent Pantry Pest Problems in Frisco This Summer

August 13, 2019

There are a variety of pantry pests that can threaten our food on a daily basis, carpet beetles, cigarette beetles, confused flour beetles, saw-toothed grain beetles, and Indian meal moths to name a few. All of these have one major thing in common, they all love dry foods. Some dry foods pantry pests can be found in are cereals, flours, grains, and other stored foods that are devoid of moisture....

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