a wolf spider crawling on a porch next to a house

Help! I Can’t Keep House Spiders Out Of My Frisco Home

January 4, 2022

Spiders are masters of surprise. They walk about subtly and quietly; you may not see them coming. Even when they dart or leap quickly, it will be too sudden for you to anticipate their movements. The gluey webs they make can take you aback as well. By the time you notice you’ve stepped into one, you’ll be feverishly trying to get it off of you....

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millipede crawling

How Dangerous Are The Millipedes In Frisco?

June 9, 2021

They probably aren’t the first bugs that come to mind when you think “pest problems,” but millipedes can be a creepy-crawly surprise for folks in Frisco. These many-legged pests pop up in basements and crawl spaces and often startle unsuspecting homeowners as they move boxes and furniture. They sure look freaky, but just how dangerous are the millipedes in Frisco?...

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