a house fly on kitchen counter

The Truth About House Flies In Your Allen Home

March 17, 2021

House flies can spread more than 100 different harmful pathogens. House flies often live in unsanitary locations and frequently feed on trash, animal feces, and other decaying substances where they can pick up harmful pathogens on their legs, mouthparts, and bodies....

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drain fly crawling in a sink

6 Quick & Simple Fly Prevention Tips For McKinney Property Owners

January 28, 2021

Shhhhh, listen. Where’s that buzzing coming from? If it’s your appliances or the electricity, everything is fine, but if you have flies in your McKinney, TX home, you’ve got a bad pest problem on your hands. Flies are some of the most common pests out there. By themselves, these insects are harmless, but they usually carry pathogens and bacteria that threaten the health of your household. Let’s identify these pests and ...

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