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a dark grey and white cat scratching at her fleas in a lewisville kentucky yard

Dangers Fleas Pose For Lewisville Residents And Pet Owners This Summer

July 16, 2019

Fleas are more than a nuisance pest. They are known to carry a variety of diseases that are dangerous to humans and pets, including tapeworm and cat-scratch disease. Their bites are also very itchy and irritating, which can lead pets to scratch themselves to the extent that they develop hair loss in spots or get a secondary infection....

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flea on lewisville residents skin and hair

How To Prevent Fleas Around Your Lewisville Home This Spring

February 28, 2019

Spring is around the corner, which means fleas are too. Fleas can be a potential threat year-round in Lewisville, so you will soon start noticing an increase in their activity as the weather warms. Invasions will start coming through your door and homeowners should be prepared for this. With the right prevention measures in place, fleas will be less attracted to your property and less likely to use you and your pets as hosts....

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flea on a person

Keeping Harmful Fleas Out During Late Fall

November 29, 2018

When most people hear about fleas, the immediate response is to think about people with pets, because pets equal fleas, right? While it is true that pet owners may come into contact and deal with fleas more often than other people, fleas do still affect those without pets, as well....

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