earwig crawling on branch

Answering Allen's Most Common Earwig Questions

July 21, 2021

When it comes to earwigs, there are lots of urban legends and tall tales. And given the extra-creepy appearance of these bugs, it’s easy to see why folks get some wild ideas about the dangers of earwigs. So, if you’ve spotted earwigs on your Allen property and are wondering what to do, we’ve put together the answers to Allen’s most common earwig questions. ...

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an earwig on a gardens leaf

The Trick To Keeping Earwigs Off Your Allen Property

November 18, 2020

Their name, fortunately, was born from a myth. Earwigs do not enter your ear as you sleep. They’re no more likely to crawl into your ear than any other pests. However, it’s never a bad idea to learn more about keeping them out of your house and off of your property....

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