fly on white surface

How Flies Get Into The Kitchen Around The Holiday Season

December 19, 2018

Whether you are traveling to visit people, or people are traveling to you, one thing is certain this holiday season. There will be food. And, most likely, lots of it. Some people will even wait all year just for a slice of Grandma's famous apple pie, or Dad's triple-seasoned barbecue ribs. We all know that one dish we are most excited for. And so do the flies....

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house fly on a kitchen counter

Guide To Keeping Flies Out Of Your Home

May 24, 2018

We have all become accustomed to flies. We will often times just swat them away and move on like they are no big deal. We know they are annoying, but should we be so careless about house flies, fruit flies, and fungus gnats inside our homes and outside at our barbecues?...

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