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mouse found in the finished basement of a denton home

Preventing Mice In My Basement

January 5, 2018

Are you noticing mice in your basement? If so, you may be wondering, "How am I supposed to keep rodents out of my home?" or "How am I supposed to get rid of these rodents?" There are lots of folks wondering these same things. So in this article, we will focus on preventing rodents from getting into your home by giving you a list of practical rodent prevention tips. But first, let's spend a few minutes looking at why it is important to keep mic...

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rat found in the basement of a texas home

Where Are Rodents Likely To Hide?

November 14, 2017

For those concerned about the safety of their home when it comes to pests, knowing is half the battle. We want the information necessary to diagnose our problems and to begin finding a solution. When dealing with rodents, sometimes this information can be difficult to find, as the critters themselves work hard to stay out of sight. Often you won't know you've got a rodent problem until they've settled in and begun to move about your house, lea...

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mouse crawling on floor of texas home

Types Of Rodents Found In North Texas

July 18, 2017

There has probably never been a time in human existence when people did not cohabitate with rodents. As soon as man came on the scene, the rodent population figured out that there is no better way to get an easy meal and a warm, dry place to sleep than to stick with us. There was probably a time when humans didn’t give much thought to why these creatures would want to live among us. It was just a fact of life. You did what you could to p...

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