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How To Spot An Oriental Cockroach In Your Lewisville Home & What To Do About It   

February 28, 2020

an oriental cockroach in lewisville

Make no mistake, sighting one of these malicious household pests is harder than you might think. And neglecting to take the time to inspect your home for infestation may be dangerous. Oriental cockroaches, sometimes referred to as black bugs or water beetles, are a particularly destructive species of roach that are common throughout Lewisville.... Read More

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Why German Cockroaches Are Bad For Business

September 27, 2017

german cockroach in food pantry

We all know that cockroaches are bad news; they spread disease, breed quickly, contaminate food are very invasive and are just generally disgusting. While roaches need to be rapidly removed from any structure they have decided to invade, removing them from a commercial facility or business is very important. Not just for reasons listed above, but in order to keep the reputation of your business... Read More

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Tips To Avoiding German Cockroaches

July 31, 2017

cockroach in restaurant

The German cockroach is very commonly found in apartments, homes, restaurants, and hotels. Cockroaches themselves are unsanitary and can spread bacteria and disease, but they are not always a result of unsanitary conditions – meaning, they will come into a home or restaurant even if it is kept tidy because there is access to food and water.... Read More

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