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Tips To Avoid Cockroaches This Christmas

December 13, 2017

cockroach on food

There is so much to do before family and friends arrive for the Christmas holiday. It is such a blessing to host Christmas dinner every year, but with so much to do, it can get a little hectic. As you rush around to prepare for a day of baking the many delicious holiday treats everyone is expecting, you see out of the corner of your eye something dart across the kitchen counter. Was it your ima... Read More

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Tips To Avoiding German Cockroaches

July 31, 2017

cockroach in restaurant

The German cockroach is very commonly found in apartments, homes, restaurants, and hotels. Cockroaches themselves are unsanitary and can spread bacteria and disease, but they are not always a result of unsanitary conditions – meaning, they will come into a home or restaurant even if it is kept tidy because there is access to food and water.... Read More

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