What Every Denton Resident Ought To Know About Brown Recluse Spiders

April 15, 2020

When it comes to pests, some of the most feared are spiders. These pests fill some people with dread, and many have severe fears and phobias of these arachnids. Many common spiders that Denton residents encounter in their homes are harmless and can even be beneficial to have around. However, there are some spiders that can pose health risks to humans, including the brown recluse....

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Wasp Control 101: What Every Frisco Homeowner Needs To Know

April 9, 2020

You learn something new every day, right? Perhaps today’s revelation will be that there is no single animal called a “wasp.” This term actually refers to hornets, yellow jackets, and many other varieties of stinging insects we encounter in our daily lives. No matter what kind of flying menace you’re talking about, you don’t want them nesting in your yard or around your home....

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