Frisco Residents Fed Up with Invading Mice

November 7, 2019

a thick electrical wire showing obvious signs of mice damage inside of a texas home

You’re pulling out a coffee canister from your kitchen counter when you notice tiny black droppings. You quickly clean them up. Only moments later, you find your cardboard box of cereal has a missing section of the plastic bag and there are Froot Loops all over the cabinet. To add insult to injury, there’s an opening about the size of a dime gnawed into the corner of the cabinet.... Read More

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Mice Mishaps In Lewisville

October 25, 2019

a house mouse crawling through the food pantry in a lewisville home during fall

Where we find ourselves now, in mid to late fall, is the time of year when we need to start thinking about mice infestations. As the temperatures become cooler and food sources become scarcer, mice start looking for a warm place with plenty of food to spend the winter. That’s why they often find their way into Lewisville homes at this time of year.... Read More

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