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spider crawling on a kitchen floor in front of a person walking

Are There Dangerous Spiders In Plano, TX?

October 10, 2021

Spiders can be scary. In fact, it’s estimated that nearly 100 million people have arachnophobia in the United States alone — nearly one out of every three people! While the vast majority of spiders we encounter are harmless, a few species can cause real trouble if provoked. Here’s what you need to know about dangerous spiders in Plano, TX....

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termites crawling on wood

How Long Does Termite Season Last In Frisco, TX?

October 5, 2021

Usually, a new season is a good thing. We all look forward to the next season of our favorite TV shows, after all. But termite season isn’t such a welcome occasion. When flying termites start to gather on your property, it’s nothing but stress and frustration. ...

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up close image of a crawling centipede

How To Keep House Centipedes Out Of Your Frisco, TX Home

October 1, 2021

House centipedes are some of the most bizarre-looking pests to infest American homes. With more than a dozen appendages and rail-thin bodies, they look like something straight out of sci-fi. These predatory pests can help keep other house-dwelling bugs in check, but no matter how helpful they may be, nobody wants these freaky critters around. Here’s what you need to know to keep house centipedes out of your Frisco home....

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silverfish up close on book

How Silverfish Get Into McKinney Homes

September 24, 2021

You’ve probably watched in frustration as pesky flies slip into your home the moment you open the door. You may have even seen ants on the march from your yard to your kitchen. Knowing where pests come from isn’t always a big mystery, but some bugs are a different story. So, how do silverfish get into McKinney homes?...

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