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Guide To Keeping Flies Out Of Your Home

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House fly on a kitchen counter.

Guide To Keeping Flies Out Of Your Home

We have all become accustomed to flies. We will often times just swat them away and move on like they are no big deal. We know they are annoying, but should we be so careless about house flies, fruit flies, and fungus gnats inside our homes and outside at our barbecues?

Here’s why we should not be so careless about flies:

  • House flies are dangerous! House flies like to land in the garbage, feces, and such things, so why would we want them inside our homes landing on our food and counters? They are covered in bacteria and disease and have the potential to spread illnesses like E. coli, salmonella, diarrhea, cholera, and dysentery. They also vomit on their food to make it soft before they eat it, causing even more contamination.
  • Fruit flies are similar and have most likely landed in some unsanitary places before swarming around your fruit, vegetables, and plants, adding to the possibility of bacterial contamination. They can also grow in number quite rapidly, therefore making them very undesirable to have around as well.
  • Fungus gnats are not so dangerous to humans, but they can, however, cause damage to houseplants and seedlings. Fungus gnats will eat the roots of these plants causing them to wither and die from root rot.

So, how do you get rid of flies and keep them away for good? Your best option is to call on a professional pest control service as it is the most effective way to guarantee complete eradication. You need to exclude the pests so that they cannot get in by sealing off all entry points. Then you need to restrict areas and items that attract them by keeping your home clean and by not leaving food out for them to contaminate. Get rid of the current problem by using traps that you can make using a soda bottle cut in half with the top part inverted, and put a sweet liquid in the bottom. Or you can just use a shallow dish with apple cider vinegar, sugar and dish soap. Outside you can plant mint, nasturtiums, lavender, bay leaf, and basil around your home. Always keep an eye out for any more flies that may appear. For complete coverage and guarantee your home is a fly-free zone, you need to call on the professionals at Adams Exterminating Company in North Texas.

Don’t let flies cause you and your family to be at risk for diseases and illnesses. Get the help you need to rid your home of flies today with a residential pest control plan from the experts at Adams Exterminating Company.

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