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How Poisonous Are The Centipedes In Denton?

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Centipede crawling on pavement.

There are many insects and creatures that frighten or gross people out. With some, the fear or disgust is understandable and warranted. For example, several snake and spider species have harmful venom. At the very least, they appear slimy and intimidating. Similarly, centipedes worry people because they look like worms with hundreds of legs. Their fast movement doesn’t do much to settle nerves either. The truth is, their threat factor is quite different. Find out now just how risky they are, how to prevent them, and how Adams Exterminating Company can keep them out of your Denton property.

The Appearance, Behavior & Risk Factors of Centipedes

Centipedes range in size from less than 1 inch to about 5 inches. Their color varies too, but most are red-orange or brown. Their bodies are segmented and flat. As their name suggests, they have multiple pairs of legs per segment. They’ll have at least 15, or as many as 177. Long antennas top their heads. They use their claws to catch and inject poison into their prey. Evidently carnivorous, tiny vertebrates, worms and spiders are their favorite to feed on. Nighttime is when they hunt for food.

Centipedes prefer darkness and flourish around moisture. That considered, you’ll likely find them in bathrooms. They’ll try to hide away in sinks, tubs and drains. They’re also fond of closets, basements, attics, and laundry rooms. Before making their way inside your property, they’ll lay eggs in wet soil.

As mentioned previously, these pests are most active after sundown. Therefore, they will probably go undetected by Denton residents. If you spot one in daylight, there’s a solid chance you have an infestation. Seeing them is a main indication they inhabit your space. Given their diet, it might also be a clue that other critters are about.

Though centipedes carry toxins, they’re not much of a threat to human beings. A little bit of pain and mild skin irritation is the worst that will happen if they bite or crawl on you. Aside from that, they’re just annoying. Even in death, they can be a nuisance because they leave stains when crushed.

Preventing Centipedes

Tactics to prevent centipedes involve a bit of cleaning and landscaping:

  • Fix any water leaks and drips.
  • Keep gutters and outside air vents clean and clear.
  • Make use of dehumidifiers.
  • Keep clutter down, and don’t stack stored items against walls.
  • Regularly vacuum.
  • Close holes and gaps around doors, foundations, and windows.
  • Maintain greenery, and have it at a distance from your property.
  • Groom your lawn, and discard dead leaves or rotting wood.
  • Clean outdoor storage units and dog houses.
  • Contact Adams Exterminating Company if you have other pests they eat, such as worms.

Controlling Centipedes With Adams Exterminating Company

Adams Exterminating Company has left homes safer and pest-free since 1947. Our technicians are highly trained. Some have obtained advanced degrees in insect science. Others have held positions on state pest control boards. Your property is in good hands with us. We’ll be able to thoroughly inspect your home, find the areas that need tending to, and oust centipedes from your property. Our products are top-of-the-line and environmentally friendly.

Our residential subscription plans are designed to cover bugs and animals that trouble the Denton area. They all come with interior service guarantees, exterior treatments, and regular visits. Most have warranties. You can pay as low as $30 a month!

If you need care for your commercial establishment, we’ll come to all kinds of buildings. Whether it’s a church, warehouse, industrial or medical facility, strip mall, complex, or something else, Adams Exterminating Company will be there!

Call us today for a free, no obligation estimate!

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