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What McKinney Property Owners Ought To Know About American Cockroaches

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There’s plenty to love about living in Texas. However, here in McKinney, one thing that isn’t so loved is the American cockroach. That’s because these large home-invading cockroaches come into our homes and businesses and spread all sorts of harmful bacteria and disease-causing pathogens. To make matters worse, they can be quite tricky to eliminate once they get inside. As such, it’s important for you to take the proper preventative measures to ensure your McKinney property is safe from these unwanted pests.

Identifying The American Cockroach

Despite its name, the American cockroach is not actually native to America. Instead, it is thought to have been introduced from ships at some point in the 1600s. Despite this, these roaches have spread throughout the country and frequently make their homes inside of our homes and businesses.

American cockroaches are the largest home-invading cockroach in the country, measuring in at about 2 1/8th inches long. They are generally reddish-brown in color, and they feature a pale-yellow figure-eight pattern on the backs of their heads. Both males and females of the species have wings and are capable of flying for short distances. Additionally, American cockroaches have the ability to bite, so be cautious if you handle them.

Problems That Come With The American Cockroach

The main problem that comes along with the presence of American cockroaches in a home or business is that they bring with them harmful bacteria and pathogens. American cockroaches frequent unsanitary locales such as sewers and trash heaps where they can pick up all sorts of contaminants. Then, they bring those harmful contaminants with them when they come into our homes and businesses. Once inside, they can spread harmful bacteria and disease-causing pathogens to countertops, dishes, silverware, and even food if it isn’t stored properly. Diseases that American cockroaches have been known to spread include salmonellosis, dysentery, plague, E. coli, cholera, typhoid fever, and listeriosis.

In addition to spreading harmful bacteria, American cockroaches can also induce allergy and asthma attacks in at-risk people, especially children or the elderly. Ultimately, there are countless reasons you do not want these dirty pests to come into your McKinney home or business.

American Cockroach Prevention Tips

When it comes to American cockroach prevention, your two main goals should be to eliminate any factors that might attract them inside in the first place and seal off any potential entry points. To accomplish this, you should:

  • Store all food in airtight containers or the refrigerator.
  • Wipe up any spills from countertops and floors immediately.
  • Pick up any uneaten pet food after your pet has finished eating.
  • Fix any leaky pipes or fixtures in your home or business.
  • Use dehumidifiers to keep moisture levels low in your home or business.
  • Seal any cracks in the foundation of your home.
  • Install door sweeps under exterior doors.
  • Seal any cracks around piping or wiring that lead outside.

If you are able to accomplish these simple steps, you should greatly reduce your odds of having to deal with an American cockroach infestation.

What To Do If American Cockroaches Invade Your Home Or Business

Even if you take all the preventive measures in the world, you could still end up having American cockroaches infest your home or business. If this is the case, don’t waste your time and money by trying to take care of it by yourself. Instead, contact the professionals here at Adams Exterminating Company, and let us take care of it for you. Not only will we effectively eliminate any American cockroach infestation with which you are currently dealing, but we will also work with you to better protect your home or business from future infestations. Don’t let American cockroaches spread contaminants throughout your home. Give us a call today.

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