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The Key To Keeping Fruit Flies Out Of Your North Texas Home

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fruit fly on a piece of fruit

Many people tend to think that fruit flies are only attracted to fruit. But what about homeowners in North Texas who have fruit flies and don't have one piece of fruit sitting out? Well, while fruit flies are indeed attracted to fruit, they're attracted to other areas of your home as well. True enough, they're mostly a nuisance, but you still don't want them as regular visitors! If you happen to notice a few fruit flies in your home, know that there's 'more where that came from.'

If fruit flies are becoming more of a nuisance in your house, the solution isn't to throw out your apples and oranges but to contact your local North Texas pest control experts.

How To Tell If Fruit Flies Are In Your Home

In order to tell if fruit flies are in your home, you first have to consider what causes fruit flies.

As the name suggests, fruit flies are indeed attracted to fruit, but not necessarily the delicious, fresh fruit we love; These flies are attracted to decaying fruit or fruit on the verge of decaying. To summarize, identifying attractants is key to recognizing what causes fruit flies in the house.

So what do fruit flies look like in North Texas? Well, there are a few characteristics that are surefire signs you have fruit flies in your home:

  • Bright red eyes
  • ⅛ inch in length, including the wings
  • Light yellow/tan color
  • Oval-shaped

In most cases, homeowners can't tell whether they have fruit flies or gnats, and that's okay. Fly identification is not the homeowner's responsibility; it's our responsibility; Plus, they're too small for any homeowner to accurately recognize. Here at Adams Exterminating Company, we have years of experience dealing with pests of every size imaginable, even small fruit flies.

Is It Safe To Eat Something A Fruit Fly Has Landed On?

In short, NO. People jokingly say that if a fruit fly lands on your food or drink, "it's extra protein," when the reality is that fruit flies thrive in moist areas and on moist food items. Knowing that, here are all the places a fruit fly can land before landing on your food or in your drink:

  • Wet mops/mop buckets
  • Sink drains
  • Bottom of garbage cans
  • Decaying fruit
  • Spilled juice, wine, or beer

All in all, if a fruit fly lands on or in anything you're consuming, you'll want to throw it away. Consuming it can lead to various illnesses since fruit flies carry various bacteria picked up from the areas they visit.

Fruit Fly Prevention Tips

Fruit fly prevention is truly a matter of cleanliness in your home. By utilizing these cleaning tips in your home cleaning routine, you'll likely have a fruit fly-free home. 

  • Take your trash out regularly.
  • Clean your sink drains.
  • Inspect fruit and vegetables for decay before bringing fruit home.
  • Clean your trash cans regularly.
  • Store fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator instead of out on the counter.

While all these preventive tips are very effective in keeping fruit flies at bay, the key to keeping them away entirely is to hire pest control professionals. Our team At Adams Exterminating Company will rid your home of those annoying fruit flies and keep them away.

The Best Fly Control In North Texas

Ultimately, whether you have horse flies, house flies, or fruit flies, the best solution is to contact professionals like us. We are the finest pest control company in North Texas, with 75 years of experience in the industry. To learn more about the services we provide, give us a call today!

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