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Why Even Non-Venomous Spider Infestations Can Be Dangerous

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Do you think only black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders are the only dangerous spiders in the area? In reality, even the most innocuous spider infestations can be dangerous as well!

That’s not just to say that all spiders have venomous bites. Instead, the non-venomous spiders in our areas pose different threats. Having spiders inside your home can invoke fear, stress, anxiety, and sleepless nights. Furthermore, spider infestations can cause allergies in some people that are caused by dead spider debris or the pollen and fungus that gets trapped in their webs and nests. Occasionally, this can also lead to the contamination of food sources. If there are large populations of these spiders invading your home, you most likely have a variety of other pests infesting your home as well because spiders are usually attracted to our homes because they provide them with plenty of insects to feed on.

Jumping spiders are pretty common in Texas and have a quite startling appearance. These spiders may appear dull gray, black, tan, or brown and have pale markings on their compact bodies and legs. As their name implies, these spiders are great jumpers, which makes them even more frightening! Jumping spiders actually are venomous, but their venom is too weak to harm most people. In addition, they are typically non-aggressive and will likely flee or jump away from you if you approach them. These spiders love the sunlight and are quite active during the day. They have great eyesight and are able to spot movement up to 18” away enabling them to locate their prey rather easily. Jumping spiders create nests with their silk rather than webs so that they can hide inside and keep their eggs safe. If these spiders find their way indoors, they will nest under furniture and in cracks and crevices throughout a home, including between books, in plant pots, and behind the molding of doors and window frames.

Wolf spiders can also be quite frightening as they are large and very fast moving. They have stout bodies that are covered in hair, are either dark brown or black in color with pale markings and long, hairy legs. Despite their appearance, wolf spiders are usually quite docile. These spiders can bite, but typically only do so when they feel threatened or when directly handled. Inside homes, these spiders will nest under furniture and in cabinets and may be seen running along walls chasing their prey. Wolf spiders feed on a variety of insect pests, which makes your home the perfect place for them to take up residence.

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