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McKinney's Complete Guide To American Cockroach Control

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Cockroach on a concrete wall.

Bigger cockroaches mean bigger problems. And in the U.S., there are none bigger than the American cockroach. These pests can cause a number of problems for property owners in McKinney, and getting rid of them can prove to be extremely difficult. So, if you’re suffering from American cockroaches, here’s what you should know about American cockroach control in McKinney. 

About American Cockroaches

American cockroaches can grow over two inches in length, making them the largest of the pest cockroaches found in the United States. They are reddish-brown in color and have a distinct figure-8 pattern located on the back of their head. And while you’d think you would know if you had an infestation of large cockroaches on your property, American cockroaches can actually be highly elusive.

You are far more likely to see signs of cockroaches before you ever see a live roach. It’s important to look out for evidence of cockroach activity rather than keeping an eye out for actual cockroaches. Signs of American cockroach activity include:

  • Egg cases shaped like a small, dark leather purse
  • Small pellet droppings with blunted ends (not to be mistaken for mouse droppings with pointed ends)
  • A foul, musty odor
  • Greasy stains on walls

How Dangerous Are American Cockroaches?

American cockroaches are especially nasty pests because they present multiple threats to your property. First and foremost, American cockroaches spread disease. They often congregate in foul places like dumpsters and bathrooms where they pick up hazardous viruses and bacteria. As they explore your property, they can contaminate food and surfaces with pathogens. 

American cockroaches are also destructive and will gladly gobble up glue, cloth, and even bookbindings when food is less available. Cockroaches will basically eat anything made from plants or animals regardless of how inedible it may seem. 

Perhaps worst of all, American cockroaches can cause severe allergies. As an infestation develops, microscopic particles from cockroach skin, droppings, and saliva accumulates in the air. These particles irritate lungs and skin, resulting in asthma or eczema in certain cases. 

How To Eliminate American Cockroaches

American cockroaches aren’t easy to get rid of on your own. These pests will dash under heavy appliances or cracks in walls and flooring at the first sign of danger. They breed rapidly and infestations can grow more quickly than you can eliminate. Not to mention, American cockroaches may even resist store-bought pesticides and survive conventional chemical treatments. That’s why you need help from the experts at Adams Exterminating Company to get rid of your American cockroach problem.

We’ve provided our customers in North Texas with exceptional service since 1947 and we’re standing by to solve your pest problems today. We offer a variety of residential pest control programs and commercial pest control treatments to get rid of American cockroaches and other pests on your McKinney property for good.

How To Prevent American Cockroaches

The best way to deal with an American cockroach problem is stop it from happening in the first place. You can prevent American cockroaches from infesting your McKinney property by:

  • Cleaning the kitchen – Be sure to clean food and beverage messes as they occur. Clean floors regularly to get rid of any food debris. Don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink overnight.
  • Taking out the trash – Don’t let garbage pile up indoors. Dispose of trash often and try to keep trash receptacles as far away from any buildings as possible. 
  • Addressing moisture issues – Fix leaking pipes or dripping faucets. Don’t leave water in pet bowls overnight for roaches to drink. Ventilate basement areas with fans or considering installing a dehumidifier.

If you’ve got American cockroaches causing trouble in McKinney, get in touch with us for your free estimate.

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