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Protect Your Denton Home From Termites Before It's Too Late

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Termite infested wood.

Termite Elimination

We talk a lot about subterranean termites in our blog because there are few pests quite like them. While other pests can make you sick and cause you to go to the hospital, or worse, termites present a different kind of threat; they can destroy your home and create a serious financial hardship. If you've spent your whole life building savings for retirement, the last thing you want is for these wood-destroying insects to be in your home. Termites can create damage that can be complicated to repair and that can sometimes cause cascading damage throughout an entire home. If you're thinking, "Um. No thanks!" We're with you. Fortunately, there is a fool-proof way to protect your Denton home from termite damage. Here's how it works.

Termite Protection

When you invest in the Sentricon System with Always Active to protect your home from termite damage, you decide how much you're willing to allow termites to cost you. It is a controlled figure you can put right into your budget. You won't ever be given the news that termites have turned your home into a money pit. How does the Sentricon® with Always Active™ work? It is simple. Discreet bait stations are installed around your home and routinely checked by a Certified Sentricon® Technician. If termites try to attack your home, not only does the Sentricon® System immediately work to eliminate the attacking colony, but you're going to know about it. Your technician will inform you that your system is working as expected and that your property is protected. That is a confirmation you won't get with a liquid termiticide barrier.

What if Sentricon® fails? This is a field-tested and scientifically proven product. It is so effective at eliminating termite threats that it is backed by a $1,000,000 termite damage warranty. If your home is ever damaged by termites, you won't be the one left holding the repair bill. It is like having termite insurance for your Denton home.

DIY Termite Control

Can you protect your home yourself? We would strongly discourage it. Termites have a way of getting through the cracks in termite defenses. When they do, it can be extremely difficult to detect termite activity or the damage they do. This can allow those termites to damage your home right under your nose. The best solution is to hire a Certified Sentricon® Installer such as Adams Exterminating Company and put termite control in place that you know is ironclad. Reach out to us today and protect your Denton home before it's too late.

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