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Silverfish Prevention Tips That Work

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Silverfish on a rock surface.

Silverfish aren’t just the annoying critters that hide in stone blocks in Minecraft. In fact, the silverfish that you might find in your home or business don’t look anything like those, since the game portrays them as something resembling an actual fish. The critters that you will find in your basements, garages, and sheds are more like an elongated beetle with a bunch of antennae poking out here and there. The majority of the body of a silverfish is scattered with tiny hairs. Perhaps the one unsurprising thing about their appearance is that they’re typically colored with some sort of silver hue.

Silverfish can be pretty freaky looking, but they’re fairly harmless as pests come. They don’t bite, don’t carry disease, and do only minimal damage. Storage areas that have paper or glue are ideal for silverfish as these types of starchy materials are their main food source when hiding out in man-made structures. The silverfish's prime habitat is dark and damp, and unless you have a serious infestation you will almost never see them out during daylight, which can make them difficult to track down. On top of this they are very fast, so even tracking down one you find in the hallway isn't the easiest of tasks, especially as they’re not likely to come running toward you or your pets.

If you find your home or business being overrun with silverfish, it’s safe to say they’ve found something on your property that will feed them, and a place where they can hide. The first thing you need to do is some housekeeping. Think about where you have something starchy like books, wallpaper, or potatoes stored. If silverfish have found it then you may not want it anymore because of the damage it probably has already done to it. Remove these materials and put out a glass jar with a bit of the material they’ve been living off of inside of it. Coat the outside of the glass jar with something that their legs can crawl up fairly easily; velcro or some old fabric will do the trick. The silverfish will climb into the jar for the food and not be able to get back out. Silverfish are actually quite tricky to get rid of, but for a mild infestation, this could be enough.

The easiest way to get a silverfish infestation under control is to look to the experience and proven solutions that professional pest control provides, and Adams Exterminating Company has just what you need. Our trained technicians will come in, do a thorough investigation, and put a quick end to your silverfish problem. Regular inspections of your property will ensure that silverfish and other pests will not bother you, your family, your customers, or your pets again. There is no better prevention than a year-round pest control plan from Adams Exterminating Company.

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