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Why You Should Call Adams Exterminating Company For Scorpions In Lewisville

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Brown scorpion on a rock

The Lewisville area provides the kind of climate scorpions enjoy. Scorpions prefer warm climates (hello, Texas). Although they prefer arid climates, when it becomes too hot and dry, they may seek shelter inside your home, where it’s cooler, and they have a source of water.

Scorpions are nocturnal; so they could be living in your home or yard without your knowledge. Below are signs that you may be harboring scorpions on your property:

  • If your yard offers shade, this provides relief from the heat that scorpions may seek out.
  • Scorpions eat insects such as crickets, so if you see a lot of these insects on your property, this looks like a buffet to a scorpion. They live where they can find food.
  • If you see one scorpion, you can be sure there are more around.

Should You Be Worried?

Scorpions come equipped with a highly visible stinger at the end of their curved-up tails. They use this stinger to kill their prey, but they'll also use it in self-defense. A scorpion sting is often compared to a bee sting, causing sharp pain, a burning sensation, and redness in the area. However, as with a bee sting, some people are allergic to a scorpion sting, resulting in a severe allergic reaction and even anaphylactic shock. If you do get stung, it's a good idea to seek medical attention.

The best way to avoid scorpion stings is to keep them out of your house. Scorpions can enter your home the same way that other pests do, by crawling through small openings in the foundation, through gaps around the doors or windows, and through seams in the siding.  Take steps to seal these pathways to keep scorpions and the insects that attract them out of your home.

In your yard, scorpions may nest in areas under rocks, in wood stacks, or piles of debris. Keep your yard tidy to eliminate these nesting areas. It’s also a good idea to keep your grass cut and to trim overhanging branches that create excessive shade.

If you have a scorpion problem in your Lewisville home, call in professional help. Scorpions are resilient pests that are hard to get rid of using DIY methods. While you're wasting time and money trying to solve the problem yourself, you may instead cause the scorpions to increase their numbers.

Adamsville Exterminating Company has extensive experience in dealing with scorpions around Lewisville. Call us today to arrange a visit by our professional technicians. We’ll inspect your property and offer a customized pest control plan to rid your home of scorpions or other pests, and discuss how to prevent pests from returning in the future.

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