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Ants In The House: Understanding The Risks And Health Concerns In Denton

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Adams Exterminating handles pest control in Denton, and we have a lot of experience with ant control specifically. Ants have unique behavior and social structures that ensure they can quickly invade a home or a backyard or set up a working colony, and once a colony has been established, it can be hard to get rid of. This post will walk you through the risks and health concerns that ants can bring into your home. We will also look at prevention tactics to keep the ants away in the future.

Ant Communication: How Infestations Develop And Spread

While ant communication doesn’t quite measure up to the complexities of human communication, it’s still quite impressive in the realm of pest insects, and it’s all based on chemistry. Ants don’t speak, of course. Instead, they use chemicals to communicate with one another. One of the most common communication strategies is to leave a trail of chemicals along the path to something valuable, most likely food.

This is exactly why you’ll see ants walking in an orderly single-file line when they’re outside the colony. Different worker ants follow this chemical trail to whatever resource has been scouted out earlier by other members of the colony. This communication method allows ant colonies to efficiently gather essential resources that allow a colony to grow larger and larger. 

Ant Dangers: Understanding The Risks Of An Infestation

Ant control in your house offers more value than just protecting your food stores, and that’s because ants bring other risks to residential homes. 

As we just talked about, ants use chemicals to communicate with one another, and they leave these chemicals on the various surfaces they travel across in their quest for food and water. These chemicals, and the ants’ presence in general, contaminate surfaces, and because there's a high likelihood that ants will be able to find bits of food around your kitchen, this contamination is serious business.

It’s also possible for ants to carry germs that can result in human disease contraction, which means that ants also bring quite serious health concerns into the home. Specific species of ants offer additional risks as well. For example, fire ants can attack humans, causing serious health issues for sensitive individuals, and carpenter ants can cause structural damage to the home. 

Professional Ant Control: Eliminate The Infestation

“Why do ants keep coming back?” That’s the question that can plague area homeowners when their DIY pest control efforts don’t give them the results they’re looking for. The topic of how to treat ants can be a complicated one for the average person, but not for pest control pros.

The best option to handle an ant problem is to work with a ant control service in Denton.. Professional pest control services hone their techniques to dispatch ant infestations quickly. Going it alone with ant control can lead to frustration, prolonged infestations, and the health risks discussed earlier. So call in the cavalry and let the pros take care of everything. 

Ant Prevention Tips: Keep Your Home Ant-Free

To keep ants away in the future, here are a few ant prevention tips that you can start using today:

  • Keep food in closed containers. 
  • Look for and repair openings around windows and close gaps underneath doors with door sweeps. 
  • Regularly clean and sanitize surfaces in areas where ants are most likely to be, such as the kitchen and other areas where food might be found. 
  • Check your home and the surrounding area regularly for signs of scouting ants. 

If you stick to these prevention tips, you’ll be able to reduce the chances of experiencing an ant infestation in the future. Contact Adams Exterminating to learn more about our pest control services in Denton. 

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