Protect Your Business From Termites

August 18, 2017

termite damaged wall

Rodents, cockroaches, ants, and spiders; are all pests that most business owners are hyperaware of and work tirelessly to stop from entering into their commercial facility. And all for good reason, because spotting of one of the above pests or any other pest by a customer can really affect a business’s bottom line and reputation; just one customer seeing a single pest or evidence of pest issues in a commercial facility can quickly give i... Read More

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Benefits of Year-Round Pest Control

August 15, 2017

technician with customer

Imagine if this was a perfect world where people and pests would never have to interact - a world where cockroaches would stay in the sewers and cesspools that they love and never wander into your kitchen to spread germs and diseases; a world where termites would be satisfied munching on decaying trees rather than feasting on the support beams of your home; a world where ants would stay outside enjoying the food that nature has to offer rather... Read More

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Is The Jumping Spider Dangerous?

August 8, 2017

jumping spider on rock

Have you ever seen an up-close picture of a jumping spider? If you have, maybe you were a little surprised. Because, if you think about it (and imagine they only have 2 eyes) these creatures are actually kind of cute. They look a tad bit like a furry little bunny rabbit, sitting up on its haunches, peering at you with large curious eyes. And, let's be real, who ever thought that a spider could actually be cute?!... Read More

Tags: jumping spider facts | year-round home pest control in tx |

Tips To Avoiding German Cockroaches

July 31, 2017

cockroach in restaurant

The German cockroach is very commonly found in apartments, homes, restaurants, and hotels. Cockroaches themselves are unsanitary and can spread bacteria and disease, but they are not always a result of unsanitary conditions – meaning, they will come into a home or restaurant even if it is kept tidy because there is access to food and water.... Read More

Tags: german cockroach prevention tips | commercial pest control | cockroaches spread diseases |

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