Wolf Spider Prevention Tips

October 18, 2017

wolf spider on gray background

There are over 125 species of wolf spiders in the United States. They range from 1/4 of an inch to 2 inches in length. The wolf spider you're likely to see in your home will be brown and tan, hairy, and have two dark stripes on its tan back. The good news is wolf spiders are not going to create those annoying webs all over your house. The bad news is that wolf spiders are fast-moving ground hunters that are quite mobile when they get inside. S... Read More

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Are Centipedes Poisonous?

October 12, 2017

centipede crawling on floor

We all know how scary it is to come across a centipede in the middle of the night! Imagine getting up for a midnight snack, only to turn on the light and find a centipede or two scurrying across the kitchen table or counter. Maybe you have come home late and headed off to bed, only to find a centipede aiming to hide under your bed. It’s enough to give someone nightmares and cause you to lose some sleep! It might just be the multitude of ... Read More

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Don't Forget About Termites!

October 5, 2017

termite technician showing homeowner area of concern

It’s time for fall! A Texan fall brings new growth and bright colors, but the heat remains…and so do termite infestations. While termite infestations occur in the springtime, they can be active throughout the year. This is particularly true in warm climates, such as Texas, because without cold weather the termites do not die off. This means that termites are not just a seasonal issue, they are a year-round problem.... Read More

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Why German Cockroaches Are Bad For Business

September 27, 2017

german cockroach in food pantry

We all know that cockroaches are bad news; they spread disease, breed quickly, contaminate food are very invasive and are just generally disgusting. While roaches need to be rapidly removed from any structure they have decided to invade, removing them from a commercial facility or business is very important. Not just for reasons listed above, but in order to keep the reputation of your business intact. Just one customer, spotting one roach, ca... Read More

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