Differences Between Mosquito Control And DIY Solutions

February 15, 2018

mosquito up close

You know it won’t be long before we start seeing more and more mosquitoes in Texas as we go from February into March. We quickly forget the many problems that mosquitoes cause, and often end up taking our guard down in that regard. Mosquitoes breed everywhere, and the female mosquitoes feed on human and animal blood to be able to acquire the protein needed to make and lay eggs. When the female mosquito punctures the skin she can easily t... Read More

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What Are Termite Swarmers?

February 13, 2018

termite swarmers near denton home

One of the telltale signs of a termite infestation is, quite simply, seeing one. The one thing we know for sure about termites, they don’t show up alone, and finding out you have an infestation can mean bad news. Seeing a termite, however, is easier said than done due to their small size and underground tube systems that keep them out of sight. Most termites stay under cover almost exclusively, but swarmers travel out in the open and lea... Read More

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5 Things You Did Not Know About German Cockroaches

February 7, 2018

german cockroach in pantry

Here's the scene: You wake in the middle of the night hungry, bleary-eyed, and with visions of leftover chocolate cake dancing in your head. You shuffle to the kitchen and, flicking on the light, you see your beloved cake sitting, uncovered, on the counter--probably left out by your teenager--and there are cockroaches on it. A bunch of them! You're awake now, and perhaps not so hungry, as the roaches scurry at an alarming speed to disappear in... Read More

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