Are Silverfish In McKinney Dangerous?

October 29, 2020

It’s October and it’s close to Halloween, which means aliens and strange looking creatures are everywhere. You might expect to see odd-looking organisms on your TV screen, not on your kitchen floor, but McKinney residents are in for a shock if they have a silverfish infestation. 

silverfish crawling on bathroom wall

If you notice something small and silver squirming around your house, it’s probably a silverfish. These weird-looking creatures can pop up just in time for Halloween, but they’re not the monsters McKinney residents want to come Trick or Treating. Let’s identify these pests and how McKinney homeowners can keep them out this autumn. 

What Do Silverfish Look Like In McKinney?

Because silverfish look so weird, they’re easy to identify. In fact, their identification is in their name: these pests have a silvery sheen, and they squirm on the floor like a fish out of water.

Silverfish have curved, teardrop-shaped bodies that grow between 1-2 cm. They have six short legs, body-length antennae, and a shorter tail. They also have two rear “cerci” which are structures on their rears that are sometimes mistaken for antennae.

Silverfish much prefer cool, dark, damp spaces. Texas can get quite humid in the summer, but when the air starts to dry in fall, silverfish start moving indoors, which is why October is the perfect time for a silverfish infestation to arrive.

Are Silverfish A Problem In McKinney?

Thankfully, silverfish are harmless. They might look weird and alien, but they come in peace. They won’t infect you, bite you, or give you allergies.

However, silverfish can damage your home and belongings. These pests snack on anything with sugars, including wood and glue, so it’s possible to find them eating away in your pantry, books, floorboards, and insulation. Over time, silverfish infestations can cause expensive property damage.

Dangerous or not, silverfish are obnoxious as pests. Since they look so creepy, seeing a silverfish will spook McKinney homeowners, especially since they only come out at night. And since silverfish prefer cool, dark spaces, you can often find them hiding in closets, storage spaces, clothes, or cabinets, causing an unexpected scare.

Finally, silverfish are hard to catch. Their flat, small bodies are incredibly evasive, making them difficult to remove from your home. You’ll find that DIY methods only waste money because silverfish can hide anywhere in the house.

Silverfish Prevention Tips In McKinney

Silverfish like to hitchhike on boxes or luggage, but they can also slip inside through the cracks of your home’s masonry. Since silverfish are so frustrating to deal with, it’s best to prevent them altogether. Silverfish prevention includes the following:

  • Seal, caulk and repaint your home’s exterior. Silverfish can easily squeeze inside the tiniest holes of your masonry or outer walls. 

  • Use a dehumidifier in spaces that are humid, dark, and undisturbed, especially attics and basements. 

  • Vacuum regularly, as this is a surefire way to suck up silverfish in your carpeting.

  • Clean your gutters and drain water away from your house, otherwise, you’ll create sitting pools of water that attract these pests.

  • Keep your trash and food storage properly sealed. 

While silverfish may not be dangerous, they’re not the fright you’re looking for this Halloween. If your home has a silverfish problem, get rid of them by contacting the pest experts at Adam’s Exterminating Company. 

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