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Why German Cockroaches Are Bad For Business

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german cockroach in food pantry

We all know that cockroaches are bad news; they spread disease, breed quickly, contaminate food are very invasive and are just generally disgusting. While roaches need to be rapidly removed from any structure they have decided to invade, removing them from a commercial facility or business is very important. Not just for reasons listed above, but in order to keep the reputation of your business intact. Just one customer, spotting one roach, can create bad press and greatly affect your business’s bottom-line!

Cockroaches are bad for business, any business - retail stores, salons, grocery stores, hotels, motels, you get the idea; but, roaches can be like death for restaurants. Nobody is going to want to eat inside of an establishment that is known for having pest issues, especially issues with cockroaches. There are many species of cockroaches but the one that is most common and most often found causing issues in restaurants is the German cockroach.

The German cockroach is a smaller species of roach; adults grow to between 1/2 and 5/8th of an inch in length. They have wings but you are not likely to witness them flying, instead their preferred mode of transportation is running very quickly. German roaches are light brown or tannish in color and have distinctive black stripes running down horizontally behind their heads. German cockroaches are particularly problematic inside of restaurants because they provide them with the perfect environment to live in. The humidity and heat levels in restaurants, in particular their kitchen areas is the ideal environment for German cockroaches. They prefer very warm temperatures (85 ͦ- 95 ͦF) and they love humidity levels that are over 90%. Areas above or behind stoves, refrigerators and water heating pipes provide the perfect environment for them - all things found in most industrial kitchens.

Now that you know a bit more about why they are probably in your restaurant, we are going to explain to you some of the reasons why you absolutely don’t want these invasive, dirty pests in your restaurant!

  • German roaches carry many different types of parasites, bacteria, and pathogens on their legs and body. They will contaminate food and food prep areas that can cause your employees and customers to become ill.
  • German cockroaches breed quickly; each female can carry 40 eggs, which can turn into 40 more roaches. A single female with eggs can turn into an infestation of thousands in a single year.
  • German cockroaches leave behind large amounts of feces and shed skins that can trigger asthma in some people, especially in very old, young, or in people with health problems.
  • The pheromones that German cockroaches produce are very unpleasant; the pheromones can taint both the air and the taste of the food that you are serving.
  • German cockroaches hide in tight, very hard to gain access spaces; they like the pressure of their back and belly being touched together at the same time. This preference can make spotting them and eliminating them from your establishment very difficult.
  • The failure of a surprise government inspection. A failed inspection can lead to it can lead to increased inspections, punishments, restrictions, or perhaps even the closure of your restaurant.

Don’t let German cockroaches and their threats cause you additional stress; by partnering with a professional pest control company any current issues will quickly be eliminated and future problems with German cockroaches and other common invasive pests will no longer be a threat to you, your business, customers and employees!

At Adams Exterminating Company we can win the war against German cockroaches through our commercial pest control program. Our team of highly trained experts can handle any pest problem, including problems with German cockroaches. They will first complete a thorough inspection of your restaurant, create a custom treatment solution that will meet your business’s specific needs and requirements, and provide regular services visits to prevent future problems with roaches and other pests throughout the entire year! To learn more about partnering with us to protect your restaurant or other business from German roaches or to schedule a free estimate, get in touch with today at Adams Exterminating Company!

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