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How Effective Are Mosquito Misting Systems?

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mosquito misting system

As we hear reports about the Zika Virus affecting more and more people, we have developed an increasing concern with protecting ourselves and our families from mosquito bites. Furthermore, the treat of the Zika Virus also has national and local state health agencies consulting experts for the most effective mosquito control system to solve this problem. The consensus among scientists in the field of entomology is that there is no better solution than mosquito abatement, and the key element of mosquito abatement is the use of a mosquito spray or misting system.

Why Does Misting Work?

It’s simple: Adult mosquitoes don't like the hot sun. It dries them out. So, when the sun is high in the sky, most mosquitoes hide in shaded areas. If we can destroy these adult mosquitoes while they rest through the use of a mosquito misting system, they will not be able to lay eggs to create offspring. 

How Does a Mosquito Misting System Work?

There are two ways to use a mist of EPA-approved chemicals to destroy mosquitoes. One is an application done by a pest professional. They wear a unit on their back and they spray foliage, bushes, shrubs, and shade areas where they know adult mosquitoes dwell. This is the process the U.S. government employs to government-owned property. 

This professionally operated mosquito misting system has received favorable reviews, however, an automatic insect misting system increases the frequency of treatment and thus offers a greater level of protection. 

In essence both an insect misting system and a backpack mosquito mist will help keep mosquitoes from destroying your next barbeque, but if you’re looking for long term results during this mosquito season, you will need to treat your properly regularly. 

Will Misting Systems Make a Difference?

Our customers love this service and have offered favorable mosquito misting system reviews and feedback when reflecting on the process. Many are shocked at what an amazing difference it makes. They can go out into their backyard and not have to worry about a single bite. There are many factors involved, obviously. If you live near a swarm, you're going to have a hard time keeping up with the mosquito population no matter what you do. However, a professional can help decrease your mosquito population so that you can enjoy your time outside.

Whether you want to increase your protection from Zika, West Nile, and other dangerous viruses, or just take your backyard back this summer,  Adams Exterminating Company has a solution. If you're in our Texas service area, contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our misting specialists. This professional will take a look at your property and discuss mosquito control options with you. Take control of your yard and your summer now; Contact us today! 

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