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Frisco Homeowners Guide To Year-Round Pest Control

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If you live in North Texas, then you are no stranger to home-invading pests. It is bad enough when bugs and other pests plague you when you are out in nature, but when they get into your home and start causing problems, that is going a little too far. Today we are talking about common pests that get into homes in the fall, the problems they can cause, and what to do about them.

Rodents: When the temperatures begin to drop and food sources are scarce outside, rodents such as mice and rats try to find their way into homes. Once inside, if they find a nice sheltered place to hang out, they will create nests and start making babies. Rodents in the house can mean items and the structure of the home being chewed, parasites being deposited everywhere, urine and feces being spread about, and diseases being spread. It is never a good idea to allow rodents to stay in your Frisco home!

Spiders: For the most part, a few spiders in the house is not a big issue. However, if the wrong kind of spiders get in, they can be dangerous. A brown recluse spider bite can require medical attention since the skin around the bite can ulcerate and become infected. And a bite from a black widow is strong enough to compromise the nervous system. But even if you are only experiencing nuisance, non-dangerous spiders, this usually means you have other pest problems in the home--since spiders come inside after their prey. And what do spiders eat? Flies, moths, mosquitoes, etc.

Stink Bugs: Stink bugs are crop pests but they become home pests when they seek shelter from the cooling weather in the fall. They gather on the sunny sides of buildings and sometimes find their way into homes through cracks in foundations or ripped screens. Once inside they are a nuisance by crawling on curtains, flying crazily through the air, and dive-bombing unsuspecting humans. They also put off a foul smell when crushed. Looking for a bug exterminator in Plano?  We have an expert ready. Contact us today.

Why Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Isn't Enough

When it comes to getting fall pests out of homes, DIY solutions often fall short. You can put traps down for rodents, but you will never know if you got them all. Rat poison might work, but it is also dangerous for pets and small children. To get rid of spiders, it is necessary to get rid of the insects they prey on as well, this can be a never-ending battle with DIY pest control. And catching and releasing stink bugs can also seem to be never-ending. To eliminate a pest infestation and know that all the bugs or animals have been taken care of takes professional help.

Benefits Of Year-Round Pest Prevention From Adams

Here at Adams Exterminating Company, we are in the business of ridding homes of pests. We can take care of the pests that invade in the fall and then go on to eliminate and exclude pests from your home all year long with our year-round pest solutions. Every home has different needs, so we have developed three different pest control plans. Give us a call today and find out how we can help you be pest-free all year long!

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