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Where Do Brown Recluse Spiders Hide?

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Unless you're one of the few people who keep a pet tarantula in your home, chances are you don't want to find spiders in the house – especially brown recluse spiders. The brown recluse gets its name because they are reclusive, spending most of their time in hiding.

Brown Recluse Hiding Spots

The brown recluse spider lives by itself. They are a difficult species to find as their hiding places are often dark and undisturbed. Outside, you might find brown recluse spiders under logs, rocks, and in your firewood pile. If they get indoors, they may seek hiding places in boxes, shoes, clothes, and furniture. They can be found inside closets, in basements, and garages. While they live in solitary, they reproduce quickly so if you have one in your home it is very likely you have several more.

Are Brown Recluse Spiders Dangerous?

Fearing the brown recluse spider is natural as it is known as one of the most poisonous house spiders in the country. If a brown recluse bites you, you could experience damage to body tissues. The bite is painful. Despite the pain and damage to the tissues these spiders cause, fatalities from the brown recluse spider are extremely rare.

How to Prevent Brown Recluse Spiders?

A brown recluse spider will not seek you out in order to bite you – they only bite if they are disturbed in their hiding place.  To avoid getting bit by a spider you don't know exists:

  • Shake clothing and shoes from your closet before putting anything on
  • Wear gloves when handling firewood, gardening, moving straw, or digging in mulch
  • If you have a heavy infestation of spiders in your home, keep your clothing and shoes in sealed bags or plastic containers with lids

In your home, make it unwelcoming for brown recluse spiders to help prevent them from getting into your home:

  • Keep rooms bright 
  • Keep curtains from touching the floor, move beds and furniture away from curtains and bedspreads off the floor
  • Repair or replace all window screens that have holes or rips
  • Eliminate clutter and hiding places
  • Vacuum under furniture regularly

Professional Spider Exterminating

If you're dealing with a brown recluse spider infestation, you need to eliminate them from your home before they reproduce and create an even more difficult problem. Adams Exterminating Company is experienced with spider and pest control – give us a call today.

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