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The Benefits Of Year-Round Professional Pest Control For Your Plano Property

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It is easy to get complacent in life, but just because things have always been one way, doesn’t mean that is how they have to be forever. One way many homeowners get complacent is with pests. They grew up with cockroaches, beetles, and flies in their childhood home, so why should anything be different now? Whether you have grown complacent with the pests around your home, or you can't seem to control them from getting inside, we have some information for you today. Here are all of the benefits you should know about year-round professional pest control. 

Problems Pests Cause For Plano Property Owners

Pests are a lot more than unsightly home guests. Some of the problems pests cause are obvious like the smell stink bugs give off when you squish them. Other problems are a bit more under the radar. For instance, did you know that cockroaches, rodents, and even certain ants can carry and spread dangerous diseases, parasites, and pathogens? Keep in mind that many pests don’t wash themselves. This means any filth they crawl through gets tracked inside, and as animals move throughout your home, they contaminate surface and harborage areas. 

Pests also cause significant property damage. We are talking about anything from stained curtains to hollowed-out wood. The worst damage comes from termites. These small wood-destroying pests have the unique ability to destroy homes from the inside out by consuming wood. They are so silent and sneaky, your home could have an active infestation right now, and you wouldn’t know it.

Many pests have a habit of keeping homeowners up at night. For instance, bed bugs feed incessantly on blood, and once you realize they're using you as a food source, it's hard to get a good night's sleep. As you can imagine, this can be more than a bit bothersome. Over time, as bed bug infestations become more severe, insomnia and anemia can become a serious problem.

Is Professional Pest Control Better Than DIY?

It is easy to think that pests are an easy problem to fix. Besides, anything is possible with a little help from the internet, right? The only issue is, different pests require different solutions. Where one treatment might work to keep out cockroaches, you need an entirely different method to treat bed bugs. If you don’t know which treatments and methods to use for different pests, you will find yourself in a never-ending loop of potential answers. The truth is, if you want anything done right, you either have to become a professional or give one a call. If you are up for the task of learning everything you need to fight pests on your own, we wish you luck. However, if you would rather pay a reasonable price and have all of your pests dealt with for you, we are always here to help. 

How We Deal With Pests

At Adams Exterminating Company, we understand pests and have provided quality pest control to homes and businesses for over seventy years. We know why pests invade homes, how to get them out when they do, and the right steps to take to ensure they don’t come back. We use customized pest control solutions to fit the unique needs of our customers, their property, and their pest problems. 

We proudly offer pest control services in Plano, TX. This involves mainly treating a home for existing pests, and setting up a long-lasting barrier to keep a wide range of general pests at bay. In addition to this service, we also offer a range of specialty services such as mosquito control, termite treatments, rodent trapping, and bed bug elimination. Whatever you need, we have your answer here at Adams Exterminating Company!

Give our team a call today to schedule your free home inspection and receive your no-obligation quote.

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