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What You Should Know About The Odorous House Ants In Denton

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Swarm of ants eating crackers.

If you have noticed tiny, dark ants in your home, chances are they are odorous house ants. These pests were called so because they emit a foul-smelling odor when crushed.

Not only are they a nuisance, but they can also contaminate food. Don't handle them on your own. Call professional pest control in Denton as soon as possible before these pests dominate your Denton home.

Why Are There Ants In My Kitchen?

Several things attract odorous house ants to your kitchen:

  • Rotting wood- some ant species like the carpenter ant thrive in rotting wood.
  • Greasy surfaces- grease is one of their food sources. Wiping the surfaces can help to get rid of odorous house ants.
  • Food crumbs- ants are after food pieces and water since they need these resources to survive.
  • Leaking faucets and pipes- fixing the leaking parts is a crucial step in odorous house ant control.
  • Sticky trash- leaving them in your garbage tin without closing the container or wiping it properly will cause an ant infestation infestation.

An odorous house ant queen in your home lays countless eggs and isn't easy to eliminate. That's why you should hire an expert pest extermination service as soon as you see even a single one of these buggers in your home.

Can Ants Come Through The Water Drain?

Not exactly. Most ant species can't swim and would drown if they fell into your water drain. However, some exceptions are the carpenter ants and pharaoh ants. They have a natural resistance to water and could survive the trip down your drain.

The Reason For The Chemical Smell Odorous House Ants Produce

The strong, unpleasant smell ants produce is a chemical compound similar to penicillin mold and is a form of defense mechanism. It's their way of saying "back off." When an ant feels threatened, it squeezes its anal gland to release chemicals.

These chemicals send a message to other ants that there's danger. The warning signal smells like rotting coconuts to us humans. Ants communicate using chemical signals and pheromones, so it's no wonder they emit such a stinky smell.

The critters have a strong sense of smell that they use for functions like:

  • Getting a food source
  • Identifying colony mates
  • Locating an odorous house ants nest in your home
  • Organizing colony members to fight enemies

Ant Control Made Easy With Adams Exterminating Company

If you've ever tried controlling an odorous house ant infestation before, you can agree that it's no simple task. The next infestation might be more severe than the previous one. This is because ant extermination requires the skill of a reputable organization like Adams Exterminating Company.

We're a family-owned pest control company in Lewisville, Texas. We serve Lewisville residents and those in Denton, Frisco, and North Texas, and we have over ten years of experience dealing with nuisance pests like odorous house ants.

We use quality EPA-approved products and modern tools and have a straightforward game plan:

  1. We inspect your home- outside and inside- for areas these ants are most likely to be.
  2. We give a detailed report.
  3. We create a customized service plan according to the extent of the infestation.
  4. We visit your home frequently to check if the critters have returned after the extermination.

The ant control service lasts for at least an hour. We cause no alarm as we do our job, have friendly technicians, and are more than happy to share tips to keep your Denton home ant-free. See what Adams Exterminating Company offers today.

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