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Lewisville's Guide To The Confused Flour Beetle

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Flour beetle and larvae.

It’s already hard to keep the pantry well-stocked (especially during the holiday season). These pesky beetles will make your job even harder.

Confused flour beetles are 1/8-inch-long insects that may appear red or brown in color. A set of tiny wings and wing covers are ridged from top to bottom, although these insects cannot fly. A pair of long, thin antennae grow larger near the tips, like a moth or butterfly. Despite popular belief, confused flour beetles are named due to their frequent confusion with red flour beetles, not because of their goofy walking patterns.
Confused flour beetles have a few favorite spots to frequent in the home:

  • Pantries 
  • Food-Storage Closets 
  • Kitchens 
  • Bathrooms 
  • Cabinets and drawers

These beetles are attracted to sources of light and grain foods with higher moisture contents, leading them straight into the most vulnerable parts of a home.

The Dangers Of Confused Flour Beetles

Unlike many of their beetle cousins, confused flour beetles aren't necessarily harmful. These creatures do not bite or spread any serious diseases through their saliva, nor do they burrow through wood or consume electrical wires. They do, however, pose one serious risk: food contamination.
Confused flour beetles contaminate stored food like flours and cereals with their eggs, shed exoskeletons, and fecal matter. Food can be spoiled and rendered inedible, forcing homeowners to throw items out. Depending on how much food is spoiled, this can become expensive. 
Without proper treatments, confused flour beetles can eat through entire pantries full of rice, bran, flours, and even dog food. Before an infestation occurs, homeowners should:

  • Store grain and flour products in heavy-duty plastic containers or in refrigerators and freezers. 
  • Clean up food messes as soon as they are made, especially if they include spilled flour, sugar, cereal, or rice.
  • Keep dog food in tightly sealed containers. 
  • Inspect your home for cracks, tears, and other small entry points that confused flour beetles could squeeze through.

Confused flour beetles are some of the most prolific pests in the North Texas area, so don’t be surprised if these insects find a way around your efforts. If you’re concerned about tell-tale beetle activity on your property, reach out to the knowledgeable professionals at Adams Exterminating Company.

Adams Annihilates Flour Beetles!

Once you’ve disposed of contaminated grain products that confused flour beetles have infested, contact Adams Exterminating Company right away. Adams is proud to offer fast-acting and reliable pantry pest treatments that put the safety of you and your family first. 
For your free, no-obligation estimate, call our Lewisville office today. Don’t wait for your pest problem to grow way out of proportion. Let Adams do what we love to do: protect North Texas residents one visit at a time.

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