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Not A Creature Was Stirring…Except For The Mice!

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brown mouse with red Christmas ornaments in the background

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, except for the mouse.
The cookies were out next to Dad's black armchair, 

A snack furry creatures, by night, all could share.
The homeowners did rest, in their beds, filled with ease,
As rodent invaders, scampered around carrying various disease.
A hole, chewed through wall, insulation, soaked in waste,
Pattering paws dance through house, at an incredible pace.
Sunrises, by morning, to children's delight,
Brings forth a downstairs rush, to a terrible sight.
A mouse in the presents, munching on snacks,
Wrapped carefully by Dad, meant for little son Max.
Small Sally lets off a terrible scream,
Mouse startled too, scurries fast from the scene.
Joined quickly by Mom, and followed by Dad,
The start of this Christmas was certainly a little sad.

Rodents Around The Holidays

Although a little overdramatized, the fact remains that rodents are a serious problem for Lewisville homeowners, especially during the winter months. Cooler weather pushes furry creatures to find shelter. This leads rodents indoors. They can get in through doors, or holes in walls, or really anywhere they can squeeze their tiny heads through. This is where prevention tips come into play. Unfortunately, if you don’t stop rodents from getting inside in the first place, getting them out can be nearly impossible using store-bought pest control products. Traps often misfire or fail to work properly, and poisons and chemicals, if not used correctly, can pose a more serious threat to your family than the rodents themselves.

Threats Rodents Pose

When rodents invade homes, they bring with them a number of threats. One major threat comes from their unsanitary lifestyle. Have you heard the term, “Walk a mile in their shoes?" Well, if rodents wore shoes, and you walked a mile in them, you would find yourself stepping in some pretty nasty stuff. Rodents, especially rats, are among the filthiest of animals. This, combined with the fact that they scavenge through your food while you sleep, poses some serious medical risks, specifically in the form of disease. Along with this, rodents have also been known to destroy properties and things found inside them, chewing through anything in their way, such as walls, storage boxes, and even electrical wiring, the latter posing an even more serious threat in the form of electrical fires.

How Adams Pest Can Help

Nothing deters rodents faster than the professionals. Our trained pest experts here at Adams Exterminating are exactly what your infestation needs. If rodents have invaded your home this holiday season, don’t hesitate to call Adams Pest Control to protect the joy in your Lewisville home this Christmas.

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