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Keep Overwintering Pests Out Of Your McKinney Home

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You might think that the number of pests invading your home will decrease now that winter has set in. In fact, there are actually certain kinds of pests who get more aggressive about invading your home during the winter. Are you prepared for these pests, or do you plan to let them hibernate with you until the Spring months?

Types Of Pests Invading Your Home In The Winter

For some pests and rodents, your home offers a safe haven from the bitter cold during the winter months. With heat, no snow or ice, and plenty of food options to choose from, your home is quite appealing. Pests that become more aggressive about invading during the winter months include: 

  • House Mice: Round, gray rodents that can grow up to 3 ¾ inches in length. 
  • Norway Rats: Long, brown bodies with long tails. They can grow up to 9 inches in length. 
  • German Cockroaches: Oval-shaped and light brown. They have six legs, antennas and can grow to be up to ⅝ inches in length. 
  • Brown Recluse Spiders: Brown with eight legs. They can grow to be up to ½ inch in length. 
  • Raccoons: Gray with the black “mask” over the eyes. They can grow up to three feet in length. 

These pests and rodents are excellent at hiding and would all love to make your property their home. 

Problems Winter Pests Can Create In Your McKinney Home

These winter pests come with a host of dangers and problems that you need to be aware of. They can damage residential and commercial property, cause serious health issues, and ruin resources like food and clothing. 

Rodents, such as mice and rats, are known to gnaw and chew through materials in your home. This becomes especially dangerous when they bite through electric wiring. Such occurrences can lead to house fires and severe structural damage. Not to mention, they cause sanitation issues due to their droppings and search for food. 

Cockroaches, brown recluse spiders, and raccoons pose serious health threats to humans. Cockroaches leave behind harmful bacteria that are known to cause illnesses in humans. When disturbed, brown recluse spiders can inject dangerous venom into humans that can cause serious diseases if left untreated. As for raccoons, they are well-known for carrying rabies, which can be deadly to humans unless treated properly and as soon as possible. For these pests, it’s best to keep your distance and let professionals attempt the removal. 

Along with health issues and damage to your property, common winter pests pose a general sanitation issue. They get into food and clothing, and furniture. They also leave waste in their wake wherever they go - as a result, cleaning and sanitizing become a never-ending job. Not only can each specific pest carry harmful diseases that cause health issues, but the sanitation issues alone can cause both stomach and respiratory issues. 

Preparing Your McKinney Home For Winter Pests

No one wants to deal with infestation, damage, or health issues. You can prepare for the winter during the fall to ensure a safe home, and you can also continue practicing protection during the winter. Here are a few tips we suggest you follow to safeguard your home. 

  • Seal all cracks, damaged siding/walls, and openings to your home. It’s also essential to cover chimneys with a mesh cover.  These are easy ways to keep larger rodents out of your home. Be sure to pay attention to the crawl space and basement area as well. For mice, be sure to plug holes with either caulk or steel wool. 
  • Keep trees and shrubs trimmed and away from the edge of your house. This will help keep pests, predominantly brown recluse spiders, from finding entry to your home. 
  • Keep trash closed and stored away properly. Make sure your food is stored in containers and properly organized. Keeping any food organized will limit the attraction for raccoons, rats, and mice. It’s important to have proper sanitation and cleaning habits. This will allow you to reduce your chance of an infestation or spot one early before it becomes a larger issue, especially when it comes to cockroaches.  
  • Keep clothing stored properly, and be sure to check for spiders when utilizing gloves, boots, socks, etc.

Call Adam’s Exterminating Company For Professional Pest Control

The best and most effective way to deal with any of your winter pest issues is by calling Adam’s Exterminating Company. We have the experience and resources necessary to safeguard your McKinney home during the winter and all year round. Since 1947, we have worked to protect thousands of local homes and businesses through quality local pest control. We also strive to execute our services in the most environmentally friendly ways possible. Reach out to us for a free estimate regarding your property and to learn about our dependable pest control services.

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