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All The Ways To Remove Rodents From Your Keller Home

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Rodent eating inside of bread loaf.

Isn’t it a shame that rodents enjoy the comforts of your home just as much or even more than you do? That’s why they’ll do anything to invade your residence. The aroma of leftover food wafting through the air practically beckons them. However, you don’t have to be a victim of their ruthless invasions. Fortunately, Adams Exterminating Company offers the most advanced pest control in Keller to successfully get rid of rodents. Read further to learn about these creatures and the best way to prevent them from coming around.

Most Common Rodents In Keller

The people in Keller aren’t the only population that’s booming. Several rodent species likely have taken up residence on a property near you. And unfortunately, it just might be yours. These creatures trespass while out searching for shelter, food, and water, which most houses have in abundance. The two most common rodents that may invade your living spaces are the brown Norway rat and the black roof rat. If you see them lurking around your property, don’t hesitate to contact Adams Exterminating Company immediately.

The Dangerous Diseases Rodents Are Known To Spread

The first time you realize that rodents have infiltrated your home, the time to take action is now. If these creatures get access to your electrical wiring and utilities, they can cause an outage or spark a house fire. They can also chew through rigid materials, including metal, fiberglass, plastic, brick, and soft concrete. Additionally, rodents can carry severe diseases that can make you and your family sick. Some infections rodents can transmit include Leptospirosis, hantavirus, lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV), tularemia, and Salmonellosis. And you don’t have to come into direct contact with them to experience ill effects. Their excrement produces microscopic spores that get released into the air for you and your family to inhale. 

Therefore, call Adams Exterminating Company at the first sign or sighting of these critters in your home.

Five Effective Tips To Prevent Rodents In Your Home

Your home provides the essentials you need to thrive in life and offers that same provisioning to rodents. These creatures will find the tiniest hole or opening to enter your house and make it their own. Once inside, they’ll leave their droppings and urine behind, chew through your electrical wiring, and rip open your food packaging. So, keeping them away from your place will suddenly become priority number one. Check out the five helpful tips below to help you do just that: 

  1. Clear away yard clutter and debris.
  2. Take out the trash frequently.
  3. Eliminate possible nesting sites. 
  4. Remove all accessible sources of food and water.
  5. Fill any visible openings or gaps.

You can even sprinkle peppermint oil-soaked cotton balls around the perimeter of your yard to keep rodents at bay. The overwhelming aroma repels them. Contact your local pest control company for the most effective rodent control in Keller.

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Rodents In Your Home

Even though at-home remedies and popular do-it-yourself (DIY) methods have become the go-to practice when resolving minor to significant household matters, it is always better to seek out the assistance of professionals when experiencing a pest infestation. Different types of rodents can carry many diseases, so eliminating them yourself is not recommended. Experienced technicians possess the tools of the trade and education to tackle your pest problems fast.

From rodents to other nuisance pests that plague Keller homes and businesses, Adams Exterminating Company has spent many decades restoring peace, safety, and comfort into the lives of our residents. We understand the emotional and mental toll a pest infestation can take. Our expertly trained staff is well-equipped to eradicate all types of rodents from your property. We offer free estimates, so reach out today to request yours!

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