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American Cockroach Facts Frisco Homeowners Should Know

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American Cockroach crawling on a counter.

Whether you call them water bugs, palmetto bugs, or Bombay canaries, American cockroaches are common pests and the largest type of roaches in the world. Despite the name, these pests are not actually native to North America. They were first thought to have been brought over on ships from Africa in the early 1600s. American cockroaches have nonetheless become some of the most formidable and pervasive pests to have to deal with in the United States.

American Cockroach Traits

Knowing what they look like and why they are such nuisances are important in solving any pest problem. American cockroaches are notoriously fast, with legs that can propel them much faster than a typical insect. Some have been recorded at speeds of nearly 4 mph, which is faster than the average human walks, even with our much longer legs.

American cockroaches can flatten their bodies, allowing them to squeeze into spaces that are much smaller than their normal size. This makes them deft home invaders and makes the job of preventing them from getting in even harder. Some other American cockroach traits are:

Size: They are the largest variety of cockroaches and can typically grow to over an inch in length, with wings that extend beyond the ends of their bodies.

Color: American cockroaches are typically brown or reddish in color, with golden hairs or bristles all over their bodies. They are distinguishable from other varieties by the yellow “figure 8” shape right on top of their heads.

Shape: Cockroaches are typically ovular, with six legs and long antennae that stick out of the tops of their heads.

Cockroaches: A Hard-To-Solve Problem

Not only are cockroaches able to get inside easily, but they are also incredibly difficult to get rid of once they move in. Because they can flatten themselves, cockroaches are resistant to being squished like other bugs. They can also hold their breath for long stretches, making them immune to drowning and allowing them to traverse water in order to get to shelter.

Cockroaches are opportunistic feeders that are able to survive on the merest scraps of food. Unique chemical receptors allow them to sense the tiniest traces of sustenance. They don’t even need "real" food to survive but are able to survive on substances such as wallpaper, glue, and other items that are toxic to most other animals.

Once inside, cockroaches can cause all of the following:

Odor: Their droppings and rotting egg sacs don’t smell pleasant, especially when they’re inside walls or vents that can spread the odor throughout the home.

Diseases: Cockroaches are well-known for their ability to spread potentially deadly bacteria and parasites, including salmonella, plague, and tapeworms.

Allergies: Gross illnesses aren’t the only health hazard with roaches, they also can cause serious allergic reactions in people who are sensitive to the dander and other materials they track around.

Don’t Worry Yourself -- Call The Pros

Because they are such pervasive and persistent pests, cockroaches are not a problem that homeowners or businesses should endeavor to take care of themselves. Rather, professional methods are the only way to get total peace of mind that a cockroach infestation has been dealt with.

Call the experts at Adams Exterminating Company at the first signs of cockroaches for prompt, effective and cost-efficient solutions. Rather than wait for the problem to take care of itself, our technicians provide regular inspection and prevention methods for pests of all kinds, working within your timeline and budget.

Don’t let cockroaches invade your home, call Adams right away.

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