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What Frisco Homeowners Ought To Know About Carpet Beetles

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Would you know a carpet beetle if you saw one? We hope so because carpet beetles are a warning sign that your belongings are being damaged. Why do we say they're a warning sign? Because carpet beetles don't damage your stuff. They don't feed on natural fibers, like wool and silk. They eat pollen. This is important to understand because you can pick up a carpet beetle and throw it outside, without realizing that you're only getting rid of the warning sign. When its babies hatch inside your home, they can damage your belongings for several months before they develop into adults and let you know that you're in trouble. Do you see the problem? The larvae of carpet beetles are what you need to worry about, and they are far more difficult to detect than the adult beetles. Here are a few more things you should know.

Carpet Beetle Larvae Are Hairy Worms

When you're looking for the larvae of carpet beetles, you need to get that "beetle" concept out of your mind. You're not looking for beetles. You're looking for hairy worms. These hairy worms look a little bit like caterpillars, but they have more in common with grubs. If you see hairy bugs that look like caterpillars clinging to fabric items in your home, it is likely that you're looking at carpet beetle larvae. They may be orange, brown, tan, or reddish, depending on the species.

Watch For Rashes

Carpet beetles are often mistaken for bed bugs because the larvae can cause a bumpy rash on the skin. This rash is caused by an allergic reaction to the hairs on the belly of the larvae. If you have larvae feeding on the silk sheets or wool blanket on your bed, you can bring them into contact with your skin and develop a rash. Dry cleaning these items can eliminate the larvae on them. But keep in mind that this is not likely to completely arrest your infestation. These larvae can be anywhere in your home, including underneath your rugs.

How can I tell the difference between a carpet beetle rash and bed bug bites?

While one causes a rash and the other causes a bite with a rash around them, the two can have a somewhat similar appearance if you don't know what characteristics to look for.

  • Bed bug bites follow a path on the skin. This is because each individual bug bites a few times in a row.
  • The bumps of a carpet beetle rash will appear as random specks on the skin in a densely compacted area.
  • Bed bug bites can develop into welts. If you have welts, you don't have a carpet beetle infestation. You're definitely dealing with a pest that is biting you.

Watch For Three Beetles

While we have four species of carpet beetles that commonly become pests in Frisco, two of them have a similar appearance.

  • Black carpet beetles are entirely black and have an elongated oval shape with a slightly pointed end.
  • Common carpet beetles have a black, white, and fiery orange coloration.
  • Varied carpet beetles and furniture carpet beetles are a mottled mix of white, black, and tan.

What To Do About Carpet Beetles

When carpet beetles get into your home, they can be a nightmare to get rid of. As you attempt to get rid of them, they can plague you with rashes, damage your belongings, and cost money as you pay for DIY products that don't work. The best solution is to contact Adams Exterminating Company and have them properly eliminated. If you have questions or you'd like to request service, reach out to us. We're standing by to help.

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