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How Dangerous Is It To Have Fruit Flies In My Plano Home?

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Most people don't think of fruit flies as dangerous creatures. Sure, they're annoying. But how much harm can such a small insect bring you? In reality, fruit flies in Plano are more dangerous than you might imagine. Read on to find out what makes the flies so harmful, and why professional treatment for a fruit fly infestation is a must. 

What You Should Know About Fruit Flies

Unlike house flies, fruit flies are very small pests that grow to be less than 1/8  inch long. Although you probably can’t make them out very clearly due to their small size, they can be distinguished by their tan thoraxes and black abdomens. Due to their small size, these pests appear tan in color. Typically, they have red eyes, but some fruit flies have dark eyes. 

You can usually identify a fruit fly by its habits. These Plano pests often hang out near juice cups, wet mops, and garbage pails. When they're outside, fruit flies are attracted to compost piles and decaying vegetation. Whether inside or out, fruit flies can be an issue at any time of the year.

The Trouble With Fruit Flies

Fruit flies can take over a home quickly. Because they have fast reproduction cycles, they don't take long to become a nuisance. And while their fast breeding cycle is part of the problem, that's not what makes fruit flies so dangerous.

So, how is that such a small fly can be such a danger? Simple: they're a health hazard and can spread harmful bacteria to you and anyone in your home. When fruit flies land in garbage cans and other places, they pick up bacteria and germs on their hairs. They will then spread those bacteria and germs onto any surface they land on afterward, particularly the tables and countertops around your home. 

Typically, fruit flies in homes land on food, counters, and other surfaces. If they get inside, it's inevitable that you'll touch those surfaces or eat food that's been contaminated by fruit flies. While you might not become deadly ill, you could experience extreme discomfort. Diarrhea is a common ailment experienced by individuals who have a fruit fly infestation.

Can You Keep Your Home Safe From Fruit Flies?

If you don't want to be affected by fruit flies, you need to take steps to keep them away. Fruit flies are attracted to rotting and moist materials; therefore, keeping them away means making sure your home doesn't have rotting fruit and foods inside.

There are other ways of keeping fruit flies out, including the following:

  • Keep Fruit From Ripening: You can prevent fruit from ripening too soon by storing it in the refrigerator. When you go grocery shopping, avoid buying fruit that's close to being ripe. You should learn the signs of ripening fruit and buy your produce with care. 
  • Store Fruit Carefully: If you keep fruit on your countertops, wash it well before you do anything with it. Then, store it covered on your counter or in the refrigerator. Leaving fruit unwashed and exposed is too appealing to fruit flies. Without a residential pest control expert, you will be left dealing with fruit flies throughout your home.
  • Empty Your Trash Cans: If you have food in your trash cans, it will start to decay. It doesn't take much time for your leftovers to become appealing to fruit flies. To protect your home, empty your trash cans frequently. 
  • Clean Your Trash Cans: Simply emptying your trash cans isn't enough. Over time, food particles accumulate in your trash. Every few weeks, make an effort to clean out and sanitize your cans so that leftover food particles can’t accumulate. 
  • Keep Your Sinks And Disposal Clean: If there's food in your drain, it could remain there for weeks at a time. Clean them regularly to prevent fruit flies and run the garbage disposal to eliminate any lingering food items.
  • Work With The Professionals: Fruit flies are an incredibly difficult pest to eliminate. Due to their fast reproductive rate and the many dangers they bring inside with them, you can’t afford to leave your home at risk. The only tried and tested method of eliminating an infestation once it begins is to enlist the help of a licensed and certified pest control provider.

If you see fruit flies in your home, contact the professionals. The professionals here at Adam's Exterminating Company have decades of experience dealing with pest problems of every shape and size, including fruit flies. When the flies start buzzing around your Plano home, call us immediately for advice and assistance.

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