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Tips To Keep Fly Infestations Out Of Your North Texas Home

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Need to get rid of flies? Want to know what types of flies are invading North Texas? Observe a swarm of flies onsite? Don’t use Raid for flies; call Adams Exterminating Company. We can get rid of house flies in bathroom and kitchen areas and kill flies outside. Flies are no match for our helpful technicians!

What Causes Fly Infestations In North Texas Homes?

Several types of flies can bother homeowners in this part of the state, but the house fly is a primary threat. Different kinds of flies are attracted to other things within homes. Understanding what can lure a fly to the property can assist with keeping this pest at bay. House flies like gross stuff. Pet waste is an open invitation calling every house fly west of the Mississippi. Like rotting food and dirty diapers, garbage and its contents are also a house fly magnet.

How Dangerous Is It To Have Flies In My North Texas Home?

The house fly may not bite or sting, but it is capable of causing a world of harm. These pests carry dozens of pathogens and can cause tuberculosis, salmonellosis, and malaria conditions. Flies flit about landing on yucky substances; they get their legs covered in bacteria. These pests then fly inside homes putting their sewage-covered legs all over the food, dining areas, and food preparation spaces. See how becoming ill from a fly infestation can happen so easily?

Effective Fly Prevention Tips For North Texas Homes

While seeing a swarm of flies is uncommon, there’s no harm in protecting against this phenomenon. Several preventative steps can be taken to minimize house flies:

  • Clean Up After Pets: One idea is to kill flies outside before they can come indoors and cause problems. Or prevent luring flies to the property by picking up after Rover when he takes care of his business in the yard. Remember to clean out the litter box too! Pet feeding bowls should be washed regularly, especially if wet or canned food is served.
  • Compost With Care: Composting is all the rage these days, and flies are reaping the benefits. Done correctly, composting can be great for gardening. Done improperly, composting can get stinky and wet, attracting house flies. Add dry ingredients to layer materials, often stir, vent bin, and keep compost away from home. Never use a countertop compost bin. 
  • Prevent Entry: Keep exterior doors closed when not in use. Have an attached garage? Keep the garage door shut as well. Ensure window and door screens are in good repair and installed properly throughout the home.  
  • Stay On Top Of Trash: Garbage is just too much of a temptation for house flies to pass up. Seeing house flies in bathroom and kitchen trash bins is not uncommon. Prevent such observances by frequently taking household trash out of the house. Empty garbage bins from around the home into an exterior receptacle that shuts tightly. Store this main bin away from the residence. 

Total Fly Control For North Texas Homes

Taking small measures is rarely effective against these pests. Forgo using big box store remedies like Raid for flies and similar products. Want to get rid of flies for good? Contact Adams Exterminating Company to get house fly problems solved.

We are basically pest detectives. We hunt flies down during a thorough inspection and develop a customized treatment plan. Then our technicians put the plans in motion to get pests out and away from the home. We then schedule routine check-ups to ensure your North Texas home stays free of house flies.

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