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How Mice Escape Traps

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mouse sitting on a block of cheese on a mouse trap

If you are a homeowner here in Lewisville, then you may have dealt with a rodent infestation, or you've at least heard stories of friends who have. It may even be safe to assume that you are here because you have recently discovered furry invaders on your property. No matter who you are, or why you are here, you have come to the right place.

The Great Escape

The biggest deception when it comes to rodents is that there is a “surefire” solution to the problem. No matter how many exclamation marks or capital letters DIY sites or trap makers put around “guarantees”, there will always be something that is left unsaid. Whether it is user error or a common misconception, traps often hold untold truths. If not set correctly, even the most common traps become useless; misfiring early, or sometimes not responding to a rodent's presence at all. Even when traps are properly set, issues may still arise. Some people have even observed mice or rats crawling about with traps stuck to their tails or legs. The worst thing is checking a trap and finding the food bait gone, but no rodent to be found - that just feels counterproductive.

Another common rodent trap is the glue trap. Though fully capable of capturing mice, glue traps have one major flaw - they don’t kill the creatures they trap immediately, and someone must eventually dispose of its remains.

The biggest problem with any kind of rodent trap is its ability to deal with the entire pest problem. After installing and monitoring traps, it can be near impossible to be certain that a home is completely rodent-free. The best you can do is assume, and no one wants to live with unknowns.

It’s a Game of Cat and Mouse

One common myth when it comes to rodents is that getting a cat will correct the problem. Cats are adept hunters and, when it comes to barns, they are a very efficient way to deal with rodents. However, our homes are much more complex than barns. Complexity gives rodents more places to hide, provides out-of-reach spots that cats usually cannot access, and results in a solution that isn’t fully effective.

It’s Better Than a Trap

When it comes to rodents, only one solution is tried and true, and that is having a pest professional assess and handle the situation. Here at Adams Exterminating, we provide a full assessment and take care of any problems for you. Unlike traps and DIY methods, we won’t fall short. If your home is housing unwelcome guests, contact Adams today, and let us tell you how our home pest control programs leave rodents no room for escape.

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