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Why The Professionals Use Sentricon For Maximum Termite Protection

Serving Families Throughout North Texas
Termite infested wood.

The most common termite found throughout Texas is the subterranean termite. Subterranean termite colonies are comprised of workers, soldiers, reproductives, and of course, a queen. Though you may never see any of them, if you were to spot any of these termite invaders, it would be the workers. Worker termites are wingless, creamy white colored insects and are the ones most likely to eat away at the wood inside your Lewisville home and cause the most damage.

The extensive damages caused by termites can cause U.S. property owners billions of dollars each year! They will destroy personal items, furniture, floors, walls, ceilings, and support beams in your home, weakening its overall integrity.

Receiving termite prevention from a trained pest control professional is the best defense for homeowners against termites. By partnering with Adams Exterminating Company, you’ll receive the best solutions and high-quality service! Our brand of choice when it comes to eliminating termites is the Sentricon® System with Always Active™.

Here’s how our termite control works:

  • We will come in and do a thorough exterior inspection and if we suspect there may be activity indoors, we will perform a thorough inspection there as well! We will inspect all the areas in and around your home that is conducive to termite activity including the areas around plumbing leaks, the wood of your home, the soil around your home, and along your roof.
  • We create a termite treatment plan specific to you and your situation.
  • We will eliminate live termites by implementing Sentricon® with Always Active™ which is guaranteed to eliminate entire termite colonies. The termites will feed on the bait and bring it back to their colonies to feed on as well, effectively eliminating every single member of the colony in all stages of development, even the queens!
  • We will communicate with you about every plan of action right down to the details concerning the termite treatment plan.
  • We value our customers and will provide high-quality and effective services.

You can even bundle your termite control with other pests for greater protection with our Home Guardian program for protection against other common Lewisville pests! This will include service every two months, exterior spider web removal, wasp and hornet control, fire ant control, as well as Sentricon® with Always Active™ monitoring to keep the termites from coming back.

Contact us at Adams Exterminating Company in Lewisville today to find out how we can help solve all of your termite and other pest problems!

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